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Sales & Market intelligence Post Covid part 2:


In my experience, good sales professionals have a wide range of network sources, producing relevant intelligence on the market environment and intelligence involving competitors, market activities, products, cash-flow, etc.. allowing them to maintain their position and build growth strategies.  The same applies to good sales managers, who will also have external networks, providing more detail relevant to developing market strategies and influencing buying patterns, as well as feeding back on the team’s overall performance.  The same will be said for the senior management team of any successful company.


In “Today’s World” (the now) and “Tomorrow’s World” (the new normal) all intelligence sources and networks will be changing, and so will the feedback about the best ways to move  forward.


Here are some key questions that need to be asked by you, and asked of your team.  “Honesty will get workable results”.

  • What are your existing networks and sources? and are they working for you?
  • What are your team’s individual networks and sources? and how relevant is the information filtering through?
  • What intelligence is missing? and which sources/networks/information has lost its relevance?


These questions are the first step to assessing the problem.  They are needed to be faced before you can move forward to where you can be best positioned for the up and coming opportunities.


To survive and then thrive in  "The new economy", let’s start with Sales & Market Intelligence and build the opportunities from there.  Growth is a journey and not an end game strategy. 



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Posted: Thursday 17 March 2022

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