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I am Working as an Executive Advisor Futurist & Designer with Business Drivers

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My Experience History:

Alex is a seasoned sales and market development specialist with B2B solutions in the heavy industrial arenas. Alex has over 25 years of experience spanning multiple sectors including, food distribution and wholesale, pulp & paper, water treatment, waste management, farming and metals specialising in exotic metals.

This experience also encompasses the retail sales environment with organisations of all sizes from large chains to SMEs and includes their management warehousing and distribution systems.

Alex also combines this experience with complex project design skills from project concept through to implementation management, including interrelated green and environmental solutions.

This experience is combined with a demonstrated ability to deliver growth outcomes for organisations through out-of-the-box and disruptive thinking when assisting organisations in building growth strategies.

Specific Skills
Sales & Marketing Implementation, Customer & Market Development, Senior Account Management Experience, Commercial Brokering ($5m-$40m+ range), Digital Currency Development, Complex Project Design, Distribution Systems and Growth Strategy Development.

Countries where Alex has experience
New Zealand-based with time spent building contacts and networks in Sweden, Germany, U.S, and Australia.

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