East Pacific Coast Distribution & Assistance Network

The East Pacific Coast Distribution & Assistance Network

This Network is an equity funds distributor. It is set up as a membership community. The members own and operate and control the system according to guidelines set out in the founding deed. No single person or corporation has any ownership or control.

The sole purpose of this Network is to enrich the lives of  its members through individually customized assistance packages and unique membership benefits.

World wide the way we do business is cracking at the seams. For a while leading economists and experts have been indicating that events are gaining momentum, that will cause its unraveling and maybe even its collapse. The problems that caused the Crash of 2008 have never really been solved, because they are systemic. A radical new way of thinking is required.

Existing structures

The way we distribute money is very complex. It involves commercial as well as individual interests looking for returns on their investments. It is at the foundation of all industry, government and corporations funding (national and international).

Risks are managed by optimizing Equity to Debt ratios. This works fine when market values keep rising. When values drop however, the risks rise to unacceptable levels and the systems seek to re-balance by adjusting the calculations for loan repayments. This has negative consequences for anybody who has debt, but particularly for businesses. It also affects the entrepreneurial climate and economic activity as a whole, making it harder for businesses and individuals to resolve debt.

A radically new idea

The system offered by this new membership based Assistance Network is a very different one. It is the value of the assistance package offered, that is placed upon the assets, with any difference in value above the set value always going to the member.

This new way of assisting businesses and members in the network, will allow for the individual's and community's well-being, to be put above corporate profits and shareholder returns. If people are the benefactor and not the exploited, and as a consequence the economic base grows, over time investment will grow, and healthy returns are possible.

This business plan proves that the distribution and assistance network concept is possible with respectable returns to all who are participating.


The aim of this project

To build a self-sustaining equity distribution network, first in New Zealand but then in the designated countries that have an Eastern border with the Pacific Ocean.
  • Long-term affordable stability is provided by securing acceptable rates for the term and value of the bonds and loans. These rates are passed onto the membership, with huge savings to them in both time of package duration and value.
  • Unique Software is under development and on track to be finished. The system will allow efficient on-boarding by providing anyone from anywhere in the world the ability to join a network in its own region.
  • Not subject to share shocks; Due to the way the Network is organized and operates, no individual or corporate entity can buy into the network as a shareholder. This means that the network cannot be affected by positive/negative fluctuations in the market. No funds can be removed by a single individual or group of individuals.
  • Enrichment: The Network's purpose is to empower the individual member and/or the local members community in ways that are currently not available. This means that the communities no longer need to lose key/iconic assets to overseas corporations controlled by a small and rich group of individuals who have the shareholders view and bonuses in mind and not the well being of the wider community.

Project Realization

The structure and system-designed checks and balances ensure that all funding is transparent at all stages throughout the process. It will also meet the legal constraints and reporting requirements imposed by national taxation and money laundering laws, and international agreements.This transparency and compliance allows for all funding to be classified as safe and is further strengthened by the restriction of members from operating across international borders.

Membership and Distribution Networks set up in a specific country can own  or recruit members only from that country and no assets can be owned by any other network outside of that country. This ensures that wealth built up in a certain community benefits that community only and can not be appropriated or siphoned off. No one but that individual person or community benefits.

There are two components to the network;

  1. The first part, the East Pacific Coast Distribution & Assistance Network ( EPCDAN) is the governing body for the local Assistance Networks and acts as distributor. Its core function is securing, distributing and managing the funds to and for the Member Network(s).
  2. The second part is regional (local) Assistance Network (New Zealand Assistance Networks (NZAN) which is a membership-community owned system. Its purpose is to enrich the life of its members.

Phase 1 The first phase of the project will be rolled out in the time span of one year from start to finish. This first phase will

  • Stage 1a: Establish the East Pacific Coast Distribution & Assistance Network (EPCDAN) and recruit of all key Senior Staff with special focus on gaining creditworthiness in the equity funding sources market and to identify and acquire the main outlet for the initial funds in the Assistance Networks and key large capital projects.
  • Stage 1b: Establishing the New Zealand Assistance Network (NZAN) and its ability to recruit members and via their membership establish viable ventures as avenues for funds distribution.
  • Stage 1c: Establishing New Zealand Ethnic Assistance Network (NZEAN) and it’s key staff looking to recruit key source projects and members.
Phase 2 will see the expansion of the Assistance Networks in New Zealand by another 2 networks targeting different niche markets, and the 6 states of Australia making a total of 10? assistance networks recruiting members and distributing assistance to their memberships.

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