Mobile Cleaning Unit

Mobile Cleaning Unit

The MCU is a vehicle mounted cleaning system that cleans off carbon and grease, built up on bakery equipment. It is the only system available that uses a biodegradable compound that has a long expiry cycle and can be used over and over again. After it expires, it can be filtered out and  recycled to be used yet again. This makes it an extremely environmentally friendly and safe product.

It is also the only service that is provided by a mobile unit specifically designed and developed for this purpose. This has obvious tremendous advantages for the businesses it services.

Initial focus for this service is the Bakery industry because of its intensive and varied use of equipment that suffers from carbon and grease build up. The business plan however contains some projections for a wider range of businesses that can benefit from this service.

Benefits for the operations of the bakery

Working with clean equipment in the bakery has a positive effect on energy use, life time of the equipment and the quality of the product. The equipment once cleaned is ready to use straight away without preparing the trays and without requiring re-coating of the tray. This is in direct contrast to the equipment cleaned by acid dipping. The equipment can be cleaned on site by a mobile processing unit with support from a fixed processing unit for the more difficult cleans. The equipment can be cleaned in one session or on an individual basis with minimal interruption to the activity of the bakery.

Each store can arrange a customized cleaning cycle that suits individual budgets and time frames.

The process will have MAF and NZ Food Safety Authority approval and ratings within six months of commencing operations.

How it works

Cleaning the bakery equipment will be offered as a service.

The baking industry has a lot of equipment where carbon and grease builds up. With other cleaning methods the procedure is often hazardous (toxic) for humans and the environment and corrosive  for the equipment itself. The cleaning requires extensive work and time to prepare the surfaces before they can be used again

With the MCU-service all carbon and grease is cleaned off, and the equipment is ready to use immediately. There is no need to recondition or treat anything prior to use and the treatment has no adverse effects on coated equipment.

The system has been tested in 2003 - 2004 both Foodstuffs Auckland and Progressive Foods bakeries. You can see the results of these tests here.

The process

The compound is dissolved in water at a fixed ratio.

A Mobile Processing Unit will come to the Bakery and process the equipment overnight while the bakery is closed.

An Equipment Processing Centre (EPC) supports the mobile processing units. The EPC can handle the larger items as well as completing equipment repairs.

Each vehicle is completely fitted out with the ability to service an entire bakery inventory on site without being dependent on any of the store's facilities.The vehicle has the capacity to handle all the waste product generated from this process without any risk to the store, staff or it’s customers.

A wide range of applications are possible. Almost any type of equipment from any industry can be cleaned, like permanent filters for air conditioners, grease vats, etc regardless of size. Each store can have a variety of items cleaned by the mobile units and the EPC.

Waste Management

The use of this particular compound with its long term expiry characteristics, makes it possible for the Mobile Units to stay out on the job for months. When the solution finally expires, The Mobile Units go back to base. This is a waste management facility where the waste water is being filtered. All waste by-products are recycled, the used compound is retrieved and reworked, to be used again. After final filtration, the waste water is clean enough to be released in the local waste water systems. These central facilities have added capacity for the really big or more intricate cleaning jobs.

To cover all of NZ we planned 3 of these centers. One in Auckland to service the northern regions of the North Island. One in Palmerston North to service the southern region of the North Island and one in Christchurch to service the whole of the South Island.


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