Sales Course for the Mobile Cleaning Unit Businesses

Only the top 5% of sales professionals run an optimized sales intelligence methodology. In this workshop we run the 7 Sources of Sales Intelligence Model for Businesses.

This specific workshop is targeted to the Start Ups for the MCU. However, the model itself is a generic tool applicable to all kinds of businesses. There are options for a much more detailed and tailored approach for specific needs, built for individual executives and their teams or specific businesses. If you would like to explore further to determine the fit for your organization, please feel free to contact me directly for a no obligations discussion.

Use our contact form or go to my linked in profile or simply use the contact information below.

Sales: 7 Sources of Sales Intelligence Workshop

The general aim of this course is to move businesses from "surviving" to "thriving" mode. We apply this model to all our start up Mobile Cleaning Unit Businesses.

The workshops takes participants through the sales focused market information networks and shows how these impact their teams and their businesses going forward.

  • Group Learning: The course is set up as a group learning and sharing experience.There is a Systems Review built in to develop stronger teams and effectiveness of the members. It will lead to building better and more effective growth strategies.

The Course covers

  • Sources for Market Intelligence (7 key pillars) Exploring the starting point of the data and asessing its relevance for the decision making process.
  • Processing the information: What are the most useful formats and what is the impact the different filters have on the outcomes.

  • Staff training: Insight in the sales processes and how they influence team culture.

  • Strategies & Review practices: We Explore Sales & Marketing strategy approaches. The participants  will actually implement the sales process with their teams.

  • Business management Processes. Insight into the steps of building generic strategies and management processes. This is initially kept to a higher level of abstraction because it is a large topic. Aim is to give participants insight into the inter-connectedness of managerial processes and how they relate to the sales environment.


First course starts 6 April 2022 with successive sessions on 13 and 20 April.


The cost of this course p/p is $975.00 + GST.

If you are in Auckland you can apply to Activate Tamaki Makaurau for full funding assistance to attend this course. Please add the (Ref# 29783) to the application form.

Participant Outcomes

You are able to:

  • Position your business for growth and success, through market insight,
  • Identify and recognise upcoming opportunities

  • Understand how to develop appropriate strategies.

Together with business owners,

other executives and sales staff have the confidence their teams have a good understanding

  • of the impacts and contributions they make to the process
  • why they are carrying out day to day tasks

  • of the information they obtain and how it is best used.

They further have
  • Clear support and accountability amongst teams
  • Clarity on the benefit to the business growth machine

  • Stakeholder ownership through action alignment, contributing to the business in a positive way.

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