Mobile Environmental Treatment System

This system is developed to treat contaminated sites around the world. Especially but not exclusively those that are in remote areas or off grid. It was developed as a remedy to clean up the toxic waste dumps that accumulated as a result of the operations of the Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter in the South Island of New Zealand.

Ever growing urgency to solve the problems

The problem that needs solving around the world used to be a dirty secret but no longer is. What are we doing with our waste? When it comes to toxic waste that is produced by our Heavy, Mining and Timber Industries, we "solved" the problem by literally burying it in landfills.

Under the guise of recycling first world countries used 3rd world countries as dumping grounds for their unwanted toxic waste products and rubbish. In many cases the old landfills are weathering and starting to leak. Action is needed urgently to clean up the environment to stave off environmental catastrophes.

With public awareness growing and attitudes changing a political will emerges to bring companies and countries to account. New solutions are needed to solve the ever more pressing problems.


Targeted Environmentally Friendly Solutions

The system operates from the following zero waste paradigms.

  • All toxins should be chemically neutralized.
  • All reusable material should be extracted and turned into useful products.
  • It should be operating as carbon neutral as possible
  • Rest waste should be turned into energy
Additionally the aim that local communities benefit
  • Through their engagement with the clean up process (jobs)
  • The clean-up of ground water creating access to clean drinking water and
  • the establishment of a reliable local energy supply.


This system is developed to deal with toxic waste and because it is transported on mobile 40ft containers it can be assembled directly at the waste site. It can operate off grid because it brings its own operational energy supply system.

The system is modular. This means that the treatment process is adapted to deal with specific sites and for specific toxins and waste products. It also means it can be scaled to fit any size of waste site and treat any quantity of waste.

It is modeled after the first design to deal with the tons of pot lining waste that was left in concrete lined dumps across the southern region of the South Island, as a result of the Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelting operations, threatening the fragile eco systems.

Mobile Configuration

For the treatment of toxic waste the following basic configuration is always required.

  • Gas turbine technology with LPG fuel based operating capability
  • Power generation system normally connected to the gas turbine 100mw to 400mw capacity
  • Chemical treatment blending system
  • Water treatment plant with heat based recovery system
  • Mobile laboratory
  • Carbon capture technology
  • Portable brick manufacturing plant
  • If required a Rubbish to Energy power plant 400mw+ capacity

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