Decarbonisation of Bakery equipment

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Here is the latest update on the decarb project:

After testing results from the prototype unit in January-February 2023 with a select customer the following results were confirmed.

  • Onsite treatment by the mobile unit was proven to be successful and viable
  • Ability to process grade 5(heavy build-up) equipment exceeded design specifications of a grade 3(medium build-up) on items
  • Ability to handle and process a range of items consistantly and with improving results
  • 1 hour processing with 30minute rinsing of a full vat load is consistant performance expectation going forward
  • Physical carbon removed through process caugth by screens only 450ml (=150gm) - this excludeds the volume of dissolved carbon retained in the processing tank.
  • Bakery improvements in performance etc was noticeable as the cleaned item numbers increased

These were the noticeable impacts of the system.

As a result the final commercial version of the prototype is now complete and ready for construction.  The Bedelia team have now secured the long-term expansion funding required to take the project to the New Zealand and Australian markets with long-term options in place for the USA, and UK market opportunities when ready.  Due to current changes to the start-up requirements we are working with a funding source to secure the final funding requirements for start-up.  Suitable liocations have been identified as potiental starting venues for the small scale R & D plant which will be up-scaled to a fully operational plant in a designated location to handle a full national service coverage of New Zealand.

Through working with a large strategic potential client the final configuration and plant requirements are known and in final stages of design and application.  This is a requirement of finalising their personal compliance requirements before gaining full access to their members.  The process has been assessed by Ministry of Primary Industries of New Zealand who has issued there guidleines and legal responsibilities required for us to operate in both Australia and New Zealand in preperation for commencement of services to the end clients.

It is envisaged that recruitment and expansion of the Bedelia team will be commencing in the mid part of 2024 as the roll-out commences.  

In the meantime if you have any questions or would like to put your name forward as a potiental client enquiry of as a job seeker please contact me directly and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Posted: Sun 25 Feb 2024


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