MCU Investment opportunity

The Mobile Cleaning Units' capacity and earning potential

The latest vehicle layout is re-designed and optimized for the latest generation systems;

  • Vehicle processing capacity is based on 5 loads per day. This equates to 5 bakeries per day and totals 130 items (33,800 items p/a). Each truck handles 50 bakery clients per fortnight.
  • Each vehicle has a set load of no more than 5.5tonne (target load of 5tonne) so it can be driven by those with a full class 1 license.
  • Each territory has a license for 2 vehicles to operate. making a potential gross income from 67,600 items p/a
  • This can equate to a gross income of $1.183m+gst per annum at full capacity. There is potential for a total of 35 franchises available once operational.
  • The main processing center for all vehicles is based in the Waikato with potential depots located in other regions.  This will be owned and operated by the master franchisor for New Zealand.

MCU Project Info

Investment opportunities

We are looking for interested parties to help bring the first 2 vehicles on the road.

  • The total investment is $400k with the number of investors limited to a maximum of 5.
  • Returns and pay outs are expected after no more than 2 years or the sale of the first 3-4 franchises and associated vehicles.
  • Draft documents for the franchise set-up and territory allocation are under development. This will be finalized as the investors are brought on board. To purchase a franchise for a designated territory is $300k and includes the first vehicle. 
  • There are also opportunities to establish country based master franchises in any part of the world.
  • To discuss any part of this with us, please reach out through our contact page.

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