Core Competencies Board Members

Below are a few generic core competencies we give high prevalence to, in view of the size and scale of this development.

  • Integrity
  • Political sense and professionalism
  • Strategic vision (medium to long term)
  • Influential leadership skills

Governance Roles

Board Level Experienced Leader

With this particular role experience should extend to large scale, $Bn operations

  • Extensive experience in leading an internationally oriented multifaceted enterprise.
  • Give direction to the company’s long term strategic positioning and development.

  • Communications;
    • Public representation of the enterprise.
    • Foster and maintain strategic connections with government officials, industry representatives and media.
    • Give direction to the company’s external communications.

Board Level Experienced Portfolio Manager (2x)

Two roles for experienced portfolio managers with specific responsibilities towards:

  • Personnel leadership and management
  • Project Management, incorporating:

    • Operations Management
    • Logistical capabilities and implications
    • Risk
  • Communications:
    • Foster and maintain strategic connections
    • Give direction and contribute to the company’s internal and external communications, in support of leadership.
    • Assist managing reputational risk

Operations Manager Heavy Industry

  • Operational management with necessary skills and experience related to:
    • Industrial Operational management, and
    • Industrial-process engineering.
  • Help ensure the organization’s sustainability by:
    • Innovation in systems and processes development
    • Management of physical risk within processes
    • Achieving the company’s environmental aspirations and goals of zero waste and emissions.

Industry Market Development Portfolio

  • Market Innovation experience related to;
    • Appreciation of international commodity markets
    • Understanding of materials and applications across industries
    • Experience in developing market segments and support sales channels
  • Help ensure the organisation’s longevity by enabeling strategic market planning in concert with strategic planning

Environmental Innovation and Sustainability

  • Environmental Innovation experience related to operating and developing heavy industry in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Ensure the zero environmental footprint aspirations of the whole industrial enterprise.

  • Innovate and champion new methods and technologies to better meet aspirations as they become possible.

Supporting Roles

Financial Officer

  • Financial Compliance and Reporting;
    • Financial experience with management accounting and finance
    • To support Board decision making
  • Help ensure the organization’s integrity of:
    • financial and environmental reporting,
    • internal and external audits,
    • the implementation of internal control mechanisms,
    • Financial risk management reporting.

Legal Council

  • Legal advice to support Board decision making
  • Promote Legal Compliance, relating to:

    • Local and National legal requirements
    • International law and legal obligations
    • Mercantile law standards across differing jurisdictions
  • Provide support across all composite activities of the company and with all stakeholders and vested interests.
  • Promote assessment and management of legal risk

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