Cremteck Update

Cremteck has begun live testing and fine tuning of the systems associated with the mobile processing platform technology.

The first tests were positive and the systems overall proved to be very capable of the task at hand.

The equipment involved in the first onsite testing were a grade 5 level which is testing the capabilities of the system to handle the worst level of build on equipment.  these items have 10years+ build-up and are difficult to clean at the best of times.  Normally these items would be best processed at a main centre due to the time and technology required to clean them in 1 session.

At the end of the initial testing session the items were improved to a grade 4 level and in some cases a heavy grade 3 level.

Currently the Mobile Unit is undergoing some fine tunning and minor adjustments to the systems with a focus on improving the results for this grade of equipment achievable outcomes.  The next round of testings should see and improved results with more efficiencies gained in processing these items.

New posts will follow the outcome of next weeks onsite testing and where to from there.  The results and images will be posted on a linkedIn post and update once testing next week is completed.

So stay tuned for more updates.  Booking a testing slot is available now so feel free to request a slot and see the results for your self.  Initially send a request to with Cremteck in the subject line and someone will get back to you the same or following day.

In the meantime if you have any questions or wish to know more please contact me through email or mobile, details on the website.

Posted: Fri 10 Feb 2023


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