Sales Intelligence 3rd post

3rd post: Sales Intelligence


With the last 2 post's I have been looking at external sources for gathering market and sales intelligence as a foundation to moving your business forward.

Now is the time to turn and look at the actual sales made during this covid affected time and clearly understand the drivers compared to a suitably sufficient trend period pre-COVID. This will show you the changes in your markets and clients actual buying patterns. 

The key sales dynamics to think about as executives, senior managers, business owners, sales professionals, etc when looking at the actual sales and the products sold are the fundamental strategic, behavioural, and operational drivers behind those sales.

All these internal dynamics should be understood from internally collected data.  These aspects touch the tip of the seven key stages of an optimal sales intelligence process.  This process will reveal more information about the data, its source, quality, and reliability.

In my experience in B2B these dynamics are crucial to building accurate intelligence sources and networks that result in securing not only sales but sales with better margins and sustainable growth patterns.

We are also heading into the Christmas period which is when most markets take a breath and are more stable and moving more slowly. As a result, this provides the best time to analyse this dynamic data and set the courses of action for the next 12 months. 

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I can show you the nature of how, what and why these answers are important for your particular enterprise going forwards and the opportunities they will create.

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Posted: Thursday 17 March 2022

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